BA Drawing Degree Show 2018
One of the best things that i experienced at university is the constant source of knowledge and inspiration  that is available if looked for. There are a lot of hidden resources that are helpful once found, which made my experience more of a rounded education than i had experienced before. My artwork has become an evolving and constantly changing collection of ideas inspired by what i see around me rather than a strict set of concepts and rules that are used in previous education. I love taking things that inspire me from sources that aren't obviously related and using it to add dimensions to my work. I have learnt to have self confidence in my work even when criticism comes from unexpected places. 
I have discovered things that i didn't expect would interest me. I have enjoyed writing my dissertation, taking an interesting subject and becoming so immersed in the research and finding my own opinions. Which  is something that i am thinking about incorporate
into my future practices. It has been a very eventful few years but living and studying in Ghent, Belgium for a term was something i didn't expect, meeting new people seeing amazing art in Brussels and Paris was one of the biggest inspirations. I have become more aware, begun to have a sense of my practice in a larger sense and where i could possible fit into the world when i leave. 
Most of my artwork is fuelled by curiosity, I am constantly thinking "what would happen if i did this?" Everything is just an experiment in the moment with that certain idea and materials which could evolve or change any moment as i discover more. 

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