The first day was rather split between the practical side and the excitement of being able to start on the wall which i have been planning for about a month.  i had been shown a video created by the last student of my course, who had created a stop motion animation of the process their work evolved, to make my own version i set up a camera and tripod to use throughout the week. i had a few problems with the medium that i chosen but after a few trips to the local art supply shop i managed to find a type of marker that sorted my purpose. 
I was delighted that i had already started to see animals in the lines, but for now i simply marked were they were to go into more detail later. I had the thought to use a similar method by erasing some lines on the wall to create space so I can go back over it. I want my work to have more of a process and journey. I started to even out the whole collections of lines, as i had been focused on the lines i hadn't paid much attention to the larger shape and spaces on the wall. 
Today was setting up the lighting and i was very excited to be able to have control over something like this, which wasn't something i had been able to before. I came up with a loose plan of drawing 5 lines with markers across the wall, trying to split up the largest areas. Then taking away 5 lines with white paint from the most concentrated spots. This way i would be constantly moving the shapes around and revealing new images. 
i spoke to a few people including my tutor about the work and got a lot of advise that it would look better if the lines were extended to the very edge of the wall. This is what i had planned to do it gradually but since this was the last night i started drawing on the left over space.  I wanted to use different thickness of pen to make the lines have a bit more verity and merge in with the central patterns.

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